Friday, May 13, 2022

Hazardous waste Day May 14th

 Every Town resident can drop off a variety of household items that are hazardous. Oils, gasoline, bug spray, spray paint, etc. The url is from the Town, click flyer to see what you can bring. Well worth the time from 9 to Noon.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

An ordinace to stop panhandling


In the latest edition of “Your Opinion Matters” counselor’s King, Stefanini and Cannon propose an Ordinance Regulating the Manner and Place of Solicitation. I won’t write the entire ordinance but will say, I’m no expert on civil rights or the constitution but do know that courts have ruled the right to panhandle is a first amendment right. Even the cities web site affirms that. Perhaps the lawyers on the counsel know more than I do.

What we don't need in Town is another lawsuit and if this ordinance were to be adopted, someone would surely sue us, imo.


Wednesday, April 27, 2022

LPR's (License Plate Readers) did you know we've had them since 2010

 In last night's CC meeting, Chief Baker upon request of the council the previous week, gave a power point presentation of the LPR’s request the FPD put out for bid. You can see it at 16:20 to 1:09:05

The background material can be found here: 2022-04-26 (

I never knew FPD has LPR's mounted on cruisers since 2010. I was involved with government in 2010 as I recall and the subject never came up as I remember. It was news to the entire council. I understand we have 12 LPR cameras that have never worked according to the Chief. The data collected is more than the cops wanted, like expired inspection stickers they say. I would question what other data was collected at the time.

So FPD decided a while back to do a trail run with 2 of these pole mounted LPR's for 90 days from a company called Flock Cameras.

Just so everyone understands this technology, you drive anywhere that has a LPR watching traffic go by, every license plate is captured and stored for as long as 30 days on the company’s cloud server and compared to a "Hot List" of license plates connected to a crime. The FPD would be notified and make an arrest. How and who make up the "Hot List” is still unanswered. After 30 days, all those saved scanned plates would be removed unless they are connected to a crime.

The Flock camera program relies on self-policing in the police department. I heard that just command staff and detectives could access the data but would have to log in and give a reason for a license plate search.

The costs I heard was around 20K a year for each camera. I was under the impression that only two cameras were being purchased.

From the web site: The Flock Safety Falcon camera is $2,500 per camera per year, with a one-time $350 installation cost. This price includes everything — installation, maintenance, footage hosting, cellular service, and software updates. The Sparrow camera (a lighter and smaller version of our Falcon camera) costs slightly less with the same basic subscription model.

Flock technology is built for limited, responsible monitoring by the appropriate actors after adverse events, not for 24/7 surveillance.

 The above is a very interesting statement by the company. 

And it was very clear last night, that FPD needs no approval from the council to be anything they want as long as they use trust fund money.