Friday, January 2, 2009

The times they are a changing....

This year, 2009, will be a year that we will not forget. In terms of financial hardship we are all effected by the downturn in our economy and the Wall Street greed that threatens all of our futures. On a brighter note, the long awaited change in drug policy in this state has begun. Starting January 3rd of this year, possessing small amounts of marijuana is now a civil fine similar to a parking ticket. This measure alone will save the tax payer between $15-30 million a year. Fiscal responsibility can be achieved when the will of the voter casts their ballot in private. And while "millions" seems insignificant when we are billions in debt, more "millions" need to be trimmed from the State budget. In that vein as we have said in the past our elected officials need to step to the plate and show we the people that they are willing to do what we are forced to do and that is live within our means. The financial realities are slowly sinking in to each and every town and city in the Commonwealth and hard choices are going to have to be made. No one and nothing is sacred. In these historic times radical change must happen at the state level. We feel it is time to reduce the amount of money we pay to be represented at the State House. Given all the reasons of inefficiency, corruption and inaction, we feel it is time for the Governor to cut the salaries of all of our elected officials. No one and nothing should be sacred at the State House either. The Governor has the power to cut the salary, and the legislatures have the ability to alter their pay structure. While there is talk of laying off policemen, firemen, teachers and medical staff, no one is talking about cutting the overhead at the State House. If there were a fire at my home, would my state rep come and risk his/her life to rescue me? If someone were at my child's school with a gun, would my state rep risk his/her life to protect my children? Will my state rep teach my child about the Periodic Tables, or treat my elderly parent's illness? If we have to make a choice between paying our elected reps or laying off essential service providers, the choice is clear. Call, write, fax, email the people at the State House we have elected and let them know it is time to cut their salaries.

Governor's Office

Governor Deval Patrick
Office of the Governor
Room 360
Boston, MA 02133
p- 1-888-870-7770

Your State Legislators

Rep Pam Richardson,

Senator Karen Splika ,