Friday, January 30, 2009

9 C cuts from the State Budget

If you have a few minutes to look over the Governor’s 9C budget cuts for 09, I think you will find some very interesting information on how much is being spent now, how much he will cut now and how much will have to be cut in the future. While, I’ve read that Obama will give our State a bucket of money, the Governor will still need to cut expenses, which in all likelihood means more local aid cuts somewhere down the short road. Don’t shoot the messenger… I just thought many of you should have a front row seat to the numbers.

Pay some attention to the costs of our elected officials and see what the other budget summary numbers are for public safety and the Judiciary.
It’s a massive amount of info… and I find myself going back and looking at separate accounts. Did you know the State gets Fed funding to eradicate cannabis, to the tune of 39 million dollars? I’ll bet Obama doesn’t fund this type of nonsense any more. Look at the perks our Reps get for just driving to Beacon Hill. Look at the Da’s office and the Sheriffs Department.