Monday, August 2, 2010

Betting on casinos's?

In what can only be described as dysfunctional, House Speaker DeLeo has shown why he should be replaced as speaker of the house. His refusal to make a reasonable deal with Deval shows us how little the man cares about the whole state and not just his back yard. I side with Deval on this one as it would just create more problems and less revenue going DeLeo's way, with slots at dog tracks. One destination resort casino would do this state just fine and I had hoped the Indians would have just done it already. And after years of debate over this, it boiled down to the last minute of the last day the legislature was is in. Reason number 1 for voters to oust all reps who continue to support such inaction.

Trip to RMV

For those of you who know the back road into the service plaza in Natick... where now the RMV sits... the gate is closed to traffic at the end of the road.. so you drive down to the end and park along the side this little road. Low and behold... at the end of this little closed road...stands a state policeman doing a detail for a backhoe and two workers not even in the road.

These details must be replaced with civilian flaggers