Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Beacon Hiller that should resign

From the Globe:

Congressional candidate Jeffrey D. Perry, a former officer in the Wareham Police Department, was reprimanded by supervisors for being untruthful and was passed over for promotion because of it, according to sworn testimony of the police chief at the time.

The chief, Thomas A. Joyce, testified in civil lawsuits that he gave Perry a written reprimand after Perry broke a radar gun and failed to tell the “whole truth’’ about how it happened. Joyce also said that Perry played what was called “the old red light game,’’ in which Perry purposely tripped a red light to catch drivers going through it, “creating motor vehicle violations,’’ according to the testimony, which was obtained by the Globe.

When Perry was in line to be promoted from patrol officer to sergeant in 1989 or 1990, Joyce chose someone lower on the list who had more experience and whom Joyce said he trusted more. “Perry had not been 100 percent truthful to me in the past,’’ Joyce testified.

In addition, during a background check before Perry was hired by Wareham police, his former boss said Perry told “a lot of bull tales’’ and should not be trusted with a gun, Joyce testified.

The testimony is from a deposition in lawsuits against the Wareham Police Department brought by the parents of two teenage girls who were illegally strip-searched in the early 1990s by an officer under Perry’s supervision. Perry’s honesty became an issue in the cases, because he had asserted that the searches never happened.

The officer, Scott Flanagan, later admitted to conducting the searches, pleaded guilty to indecent assault and other charges, and was sentenced to four years in jail.

Perry was not charged or disciplined in the case. In a June interview with the Globe, he blamed poor memory for false statements he had made a month earlier about his role in the strip search cases.

This guy is not fit for duty in Congress or Beacon Hill.