Friday, August 20, 2010

Mass Jobs grow..... Criminal immigrants deported

From the Globe: We in Mass are recovering from the recession better than most States. The Sate gained more than 13k jobs last month and in June it was 3k. Damm good news considering this month, 500,000 new claims for benefits were filed across the country. It still not easy to find that great job, especially if you are older or without training, but we must remain optimistic and hold on to the idea of better days coming for everyone.

The Illegal Immigrant folks will be happy to hear the feds kicked out of this country, 390,000 people in 2009. As of July this year, 290,000 have been deported. Interesting facts from the feds... Of the 128,000 criminal immigrants removed, 37k were deported for dangerous drugs, traffic violations 20k and entering the country illegally, immigrant smuggling and false claims to citizenship were at 19K.

It may not look it.. but the feds seem to be doing something about illegal immigration and going after the criminals.