Thursday, August 26, 2010

Framingham Schools gets a piece of "Race to the Top"

In Massachusetts, 276 school districts and charter schools signed on to the state's application. Race to the Top, a $4.35 billion grant program created by the Obama administration last year, is funded through stimulus money.

The program serves as an incentive for states to enact education reforms, including the new federal Common Core curriculum, which Massachusetts adopted last month.

According to the state, schools who signed onto the state's Race to the Top application can expect to share half, or $125 million, of Massachusetts's allotment; the other half will be spent on the state level.

The schools' funding will be spread over four years, Considine said.

In the region, Framingham is scheduled to receive the most money - about $731,957, according to the state.

There are some details that still need to be reviewed by the schools, but you may start to see the end of some of the MCAS testing. It won't help the busing issue here in Framingham, but any money from the stimulus spent on education can only help our schools.

Framingham did NOT get any funding from the Education Jobs Fund approved by congress this month. Eleven schools districts got nothing, based on the formula used to determine the distribution of state education money.