Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Young and older Veterans

Take a moment and just think about how many of our sons and daughters are leaving for war. It's in the hundreds of thousands. Then think about how many active duty soldiers there are in country, fighting multiple wars. That too is hundreds of thousands.

You already know how many men and women from the current 2 wars are coming back stateside with unimaginable injury's to so many young people who had so much life to live. That too sadly, is in the hundreds of thousands.

And lets not forget, All the men and women, of all colors and of all faiths, who volunteered to put their lives on the line, who still live today, from the past 5 wars,and those who still have not come home.... I say Thank you for your service and promise not to ever forget you.

Hundreds of thousands of residents who didn't go, Thank you also.

Town Meeting attendance

Mr. Town Meeting himself, Mr. Winnett compiled this graph of TM attendance for this past Town Meeting and sent it to us.

25 with perfect attendance at the 17 meetings

35 elected by precinct sometime during the year

28 Resignations (19 with no attendance and 9 with some attendance)

4 with no attendance (<1%) who will loose their seat as a TMM

29 current vacancies from 9 different precincts

62 TMMs attended all sessions of the Fall Town Meeting

24 TMMs did not attend any of the session of the Fall Town Meeting

I wrote back and asked if he could find out how many of the 62 TMMs who attended all sessions, stayed the entire time, read magazines, did homework, played on their lap tops, wore their hat in the hall, spoke at the podium about the wrong article or motion, on to many meds, or not enough meds, or have the intellectual prowess to understand whats going on.

A little humor in the question, but clearly from where I sit, many are not paying any attention to what's going on. 10 to 20% leave at the 9:15 break. Some nap, some come to the podium on the wrong article or motion. A few wear there hats in the peoples hall.

The poor attendance AND the lack of understanding among a few, make the case cor a city form of government.

More bid rigging.. under the radar

AG Coakley has brought suite against a New York firm, Tradition North America, claiming the company lied to the Commonwealth and orchestrated a complicated bid-rigging process. Mind you... the company worked for the State from 2000 to 2004 and was supposed to get the highest interest rates from banks on investments of municipal bond proceeds. Some 16 banks are being investigated by the feds and one Tradition agent has pleaded guilty.

What this means to Framingham and the Commonwealth? It means that 160 local and State government bond issuers have been taken to the cleaners... once again. I wonder how much more money we would all have, if the fraud would just stop.It's amazing to see it took 6 years to find this out.