Thursday, November 18, 2010

No surprises.. .in the Probation Dept

From the Herald:

A court-ordered independent counsel who investigated the state Probation Department found “systemic abuse and corruption” in its hiring and promotions practices, according to a new report which prompted the state’s top judges to demand swift removal of senior probation officials, announce a new task force, and refer the findings to state and federal prosecutors “for such action as any of them may deep appropriate.”

here's the 337 page report:

Look at pages 41 on... see who's who in all this.

Some of you may not want to devl into this... but you will soon see trials, terminations and those details about how many people on the Hill know all about what was going on.

The best part... some how, this report was not released until after the election... in itself, is a unethical.