Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tonight at the Town Hall.... The Budget

Tonight at 7PM, in the Blummer Room and on your local government access channel, the budget summit will commence. We will hear from the party loyalists who have gotten us into this trouble to begin with. We all will be shocked and awed in what is being proposed and if you are a parent of school age children, you may even be distressed.

Although the final numbers are and will not be in for months, it's very clear we will be down millions and will re-shape this Town. My submitted suggestions include, forcing organized labor to adopt managed health care, (2 million) take 2 million in overtime from police and fire, eliminate school choice, no raises for any Town employee and no override.

Simplistic suggestions..... you bet they are. Do they have the courage to make the hard choices? we'll see what they roll out tonight.