Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Good, Bad and Ugly in the budget

Last week or so I attended a SC meeting where an articulate and stunning mother of two stood up and explained why she moved here with her family... it was the schools. The father of two at the budget summit meeting, said it was schools and location that caused his family to move here. And one mother announced that she moved here because it was affordable. The top three reasons why anyone would live here.. which is all good. No one said they moved here because we had highly educated police officers standing over holes in the ground, nor did anyone say they felt safer in their homes knowing the fire department has x amount of fireman on duty.

The CFO and party loyalist all clearly blamed the legislature for the un-funded mandates, not allowing the Town to negotiate health care costs, cut backs in chapter 70 funding, SPED under funding, etc, etc, etc... no one was surprised. And when the representative-elect stood before the crowd and said he had a meeting with the other rep for Framingham and made it clear, the legislature is working on this... I had to chuckle. No one in the room believes a word of that nonsense and clearly, Sanacandro and Spilka who were not there are ducking for cover... That's bad

The ugly came when three circus members addressed the crowd with useless and pointless psychobabble. And the loudest of them, former Town employee, who seems to feel it's important for us to know his heritage, claims an over-ride is the only answer. Only a few of the un-informed in the crowd applauded such action.

For those who listened intently to the proceedings and heard the excuse why we should continue to use 6 million in capital spending, because it will costs us more if we idle some equipment, is totally nonsense.

So I have revised my suggestion to save 7 million in the budget. Don't spend 2 million from capital, cut 2 million in overtime from police and fire, require the school to give up school choice, even if it saves only 1/2 million dollars and lastly, force the PEC to except 75/25 in health care costs.

The biggest savings will come from health care costs and to allow the self-entitled to continue to bankcrupt the Town with their greed will only hurt our schools.

Yesterday, Deval announced the State is looking at 1 to 1.5 billion in revenue short fall. And of coarse, the programs that will be effected are the ones that pull at our heart strings. Mostly in services for the sick, handicapped, feeding programs, etc, etc etc. NOT a hint of reducing the costs of governing.

Our schools and parents have suffered enough. The downward pressure on parents to fund music, athletics, books, teacher supplies, etc, etc, etc, has got to stop without an over-ride. The self-entitled party loyalists who run this Town have to make the decision to fund our schools, and make the legislature more accountable for funding programs they have mandated.

Schools, location and affordability are what we should market to the world. We have the later two already, we just need to stop the demise of our schools.