Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A New Year with hope

I hope all of our readers can find some ray of hope for the new year. We may come to realize things will not be as good as they once were. Our goals may have to wait a little longer, our dreams may have to be put aside for a year or two. We may have to work harder and longer in life and we may have to live with a fact that our children s/grandchildren's lives will not be as good as ours were in the past.

We must keep our chins up and find ways to be happy with much less.

We can, if we try.

Medicail Marijuana in Maine

Come Jan 1st, Maine's first medical marijuana dispensary will open in Auburn Maine. Seven more will be allowed to operate in Maine. Rhode Island will open three dispensaries next year also. Seven other States have over 1000 dispensaries.

Beacon Hill has had legislation before it for 9 years and still cannot seem to realize what 15 other States already approve of, marijuana has medicinal benefits and can be a revenue source.

Falsifying unemployment numbers

Most of us know someone or many people who have been out of work for 2 years or more now. That group called the 99ers, who has lost their UE benefits or will in the coming weeks fall off the radar and are not counted. Once your benefits are gone, you no longer are a statistic in the system.

Based on the latest Work Force Development figures, our Town has a unemployment rate of 6.1%, lower than most but not the lowest, like Weston at 4.9%. An educated guess would be around 3 to 4 thousand in Town are collecting now and is my guess the total amount of people unemployed could be 5 to 6 thousand or more. Some 300,000 or so in this state are registered as unemployed, which in reality could be as high as half a million people who have fallen off the radar.

While retail sales were up, sales on the web were up, some say up as much as 5% over last year, there is little joy in HooVille when so many are still out of work, struggling to keep their homes and their kids fed and warm.

And while the foreclosure rate continues to climb, big companies continue to lay off people, huge tax breaks given to companies who promise to create jobs, the Legislature who was supposed to help find ways to encourage job growth in the State, never meet once in two years.

Corporate greed, the self interested voter, a political system owned by big business, trade deals that take jobs from Americans are all to blame. And the under reporting of the unemployed in this State and Country are the signs of a government trying to con us all into thinking everything is going to be fine.

It's not fine for the 99ers and all who want jobs.

sidewalks and snow removal

Just in case you haven't heard, a recent court decision has made it very clear, homeowners and business alike must, with-in 6 hours of when the snow stops, make an effort to clear the sidewalks. While this seems to be a no brainier, many feel it's not their responsibility. The court's decision lays the ground work for civil law suits if one is hurt and negligence is proved. A fine can be imposed by the city or Town and I'll bet few will be fined at all in this Town. Lawyers like Jim Suckaloft are licking their chops.