Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The "Interview" plays... Joe Cocker left us

I'm pleased to see the independent movie house play the movie, for multiple reasons. The biggest is free speech. Even the President took a stand. Who do the N Koreans think they are? All the threats over a comedy?  That young mad man running the show in the North needs to acquire a sense of humor. Well maybe rent one, as they have little to no economy to begin with.

So now You Tube will play it, sell it and rent it.... now were talking capitialism. Be the first on your block to see it... You'll pay more in the theraters for sure but don't look for it there for a long time.
ANY incident at a Movie House would be disastrous for the industry. Look for metal detectors and airport like security of anything happens. And if the N Koreans are involved, look for the US to stop the sun from shinning over that country, one way or the other.

I saw Joe Cocker a few years ago on the Cape. With his back round singers, sang every song I wanted to hear. "Ticket for an airplane", originally from the Box Tops, was never done better. The brass section and great piano make that song a classic. Paul McCartney said today, that Joe's rendition of "High with the help of my friends", was the best he'd ever heard it done. Joe was not at the last Woodstock reunion I went to but who can forget his performance at Woodstock. No one had that gravely voice and those moves were legendary satire for John Bulishi in Saturday Night Live.