Thursday, March 17, 2016

Two Selectman Candidates refuse to partisapate

The Selectman candidates Q&A event at our new beautiful library planned for this Sunday will have to be canceled. Only one member, Deb Butler said she would be there. Mr. Monzon and Mr. Sisitky have not even sent a note to say they wouldn't attend. This type of party elitism from an incumbent is expected, after all, he's been around so long now, moss grows under his feet. But what possible purpose does Mr. Monzon ducking out of a chance to be in front of the voters? Could it be that both are afraid to face Ms. Butler in a free and open public debate? Do they both feel sure that their party loyalists will support them no matter what? We.. the voters know little about 2 of the candidates and will not get the chance to ask any of them any questions before the elections.

So I ask the readers here.. will changing our form of government eliminate the party arrogance of the incumbents and mandate that candidates face the voters in public?