Friday, September 9, 2016

Wells Fargo.. the ultimate in banking betrayal

The Government found wells Fargo guilty of the widest spread employee driven banking scam ever. Some 5,300 wells Fargo employees were let go today. It turns out that employees would use customers data to open credit card accounts for themselves, using the data from wells Fargo customers. It's in the thousands of unsuspecting customers at Wells Fargo. Even though the fine is the largest fine in recent memory, it still does not address upper management's role in this huge scam. Those who most likely profited in salary and bonus, from their employee's illegal actions.
The Government should pursue legal action against the management of Wells Fargo and make sure all victims have their credit made right again by Wells Fargo.

The end of litigation in the Stamps case

During the past 4 years I've written about the Stamps case reminding our readers that the case was still in play. Now a judge US District Court Judge F. Dennis Saylor has announced that a deal has been struck with the family of Eurie Stamps. For the past 4 years, the Town of Framingham has fought the claims of the family who insisted, Mr. Stamps constitutional rights were violated when Officer Duncan held a loaded rifle at the head of Mr. Stamps as he (Mr. Stamps) lay on the floor. Not only was officer Duncan aiming at Mr. Stamps head, but knew his rifle was off safety and had his finger on the trigger. The original excuse presented by the then Chief Carl was that officer Duncan had to much equipment on and fell during the hand cuffing of a man who was not the subject of the raid to begin with and was shot inth ehead as the officer fell backwards.
A 3 judge panel rejected the claims of the Town last year in saying, " that a reasonable jury could find officer Duncan violated Mr. Stamps Forth Amendment rights".
There are just a few things left now to seek. One is, how much will the settlement cost the Town? Even though the insurance company has agreed to pay any claim, I would think, our insurance rates would have to go up. Second, when will Officer Duncan be relived of his duty here in Framingham. Can we afford another accident? While they have disbanded the SWAT Team, just down the road a ways is the State Police SWAT Team, stationed in Framingham. But the killing of Mr. Stamps just points to another in a long list failures in the war on drugs and the war on black Americans.