Monday, January 9, 2017

Sunday's Protest

Beacon Hill once again has pulled a fast one on the 1.8 million voters who approved Q4 in November. The main instigator to this slap in the voters face is Senator Lewis from Lexington. He somehow convinced Senator Bruce Tarr from the North Shore and the Senate President Stanley Rosenberg from Amherst and a hand full of lonely State Reps who were working at the State House during the Holiday's, in informal session, pass to the Governor desk a bill to delay Q4. While some seem to think this will be nothing to worry about, I  believe this is the beginning of the end for legalization here in Mass. I'm left with no other choice but to burn in effigy, Governor Charlie Baker, Stanley Rosenberg and Senator Lewis on my front lawn on Sunday.

They had no right to do this. Nothing in the ballot question said that a 6 month delay was part of what voters approved. Beacon Hill once again have proved they don't give a dam what we voters approve at the ballot box.

The fight has just begun for the voters of this State.