Tuesday, July 25, 2017

same day registering to vote is on it's way

From the Globe:

 A huge victory for voters came today from the Suffolk Superior Court who ruled that the 20 day cut-off for voters to register before an election is unconstitutional. In a lawsuit filed last year by the ACLU on behalf of the Chelsea Collaborative and MassVote, argued that the law is unnecessary and arbitrary. Sec Bill Galvin is making arrangements to appeal, but at the end of the day and perhaps before this election season, those who haven't registered to vote will be able to do so on the spot. This is long overdue and will help residents feel n more connected to the voting system and our democracy.

SJC rules local police can't act as arm of ICE

From the Globe

In summary what this means is that local cops can't hold a person who is wanted solely for immigration violations. This does not mean that wanted criminal's will not be detained by local cops if the Fed's want them for other violations. There are a few Republicans at the State House who will propose a bill that flies in the face of the SJC ruling. Not much chance of that bill moving anywhere but the trash can.