Monday, September 26, 2022

More on Nobscot zoning map change

 There are 18 parcels identified in the letter to Phil O from the lawyer representing Steven Cucinatti a real estate professional from Boston under a company called J and Company, who just happened to donate 1000 dollars to Charlie's campaign account in March, even though there is no mayoral election. Not surprising is the amount of out-of-town realtors and developers also contributing to Charlie's campaign account. 

Now I'm not accusing anyone of anything but it does seem like Framingham has drawn the attention of "real estate professionals" who seem to be willing to throw cash at Charlie for changing our zoning regs to fit the developers needs. You can see who else gave money to Charlie this year, from the campaign finance web site at the right upper main page of this site. Just punch in Charlies name under candidates section. 

More than half of the plots are owned by individuals along Edmonds and 3 parcels are owned by Northside Reality, Edgell Reality and Joan Paradis Nobscot Reality. The question i have is, what do those private owners think about the proposed zoning change from B4 to mixed use? Are all of them willing to sell their property to this bully from Boston? 

We don't even know the full impact of the Nobscot village apartments yet as they seem to be dragging thier feet. And now with the interest rate going highrer than the past three years and the price of building materals at an all time high, the rents they will have to charge will prohibit much of the working class people to afford such high rents. 

All of this is heading for the PB and ZBA. The only way to stop this invasion will be for the locals to mount a serious campaign against this potential project.

Monday, September 19, 2022

vacation is over, time to pay attention

 Tomorrow night's CC meeting will be worth getting involved with. The big news is the expansion of the zoning by-law for the developer Steve Cucinatti, cell phone #781-696-4428 who's building the Nobscot plaza community. He is asking to increase the size of the over-lay district to include 12 lots along Edmunds and Edgell and 6 lots along Edgell all of which are zoned B4 zoning. He wants mixed used development in an eligible location as-of-right. Note: It pays to open the proposed map and letter from Cucinatti's lawyer to get the full picture of what they are proposing for Nobscot. .

He is backed by Market Basket if you can believe it. Another corporation trying to bully us into excepting his zoning proposal (more profit and less open space and more congestion at Water and Edgell). The developer's proposal is also supported by a few member's of the council, (I'm guessing it's Janet, Mike, Phil). All the background material is on the meeting portal for CC meeting Sept 20. 

I encourage anyone in the Nobscot area to contact your councilperson and the at-large and voice your opinion. And do try to watch the CC meeting tomorrow night at 7PM on your local gov access station.

Also near the end of the meeting, the council will either adopt or send back, two ordinances. One that deals with panhandling and the other is median safety. The panhandling ordinance which has been reviewed by the ACLUM, past city solicitor Chris Petrini and our new city solicitor Kathy Fallon, all of whom have written that the ordinances will not stand up to a constitutional challenge.  

The Median Safety proposed ordinance is another invitation to federal court, in my opinion. As I read the regulations, I may be subject to arrest if I'm holding a candidates sign on a side walk on Concord Street or Rte 30. You can read what our city solicitor has to say below.

8-25-22_Opinion-proposed_Ordinance_Regulating_the_Manner_and_Place_of_Solicitation.pdf (