Friday, October 21, 2022

Nobscot Park and the At-Large show


In case you missed it, George and Janet hosted an out-door FB presentation at 3PM. It was only advertised on FB the day before the gathering. About 20 people showed up and strained to hear what the two spoke about over traffic noise and kids getting out of school. How lucky they were in planning this as the schools had a half day so the ¼ mile back-up on Edgell was not happening as usual. One may have though the gathering was to shed some light on what may be coming down the road. But they both claim that they know nothing more than we do. I wonder if they were thinking clearly having an outdoor gathering in early October, George was clearly cold. It’s to bad the meeting couldn’t have been held at the library at a decent hour so the working class could be there and hear what the speakers had to say.

I was glad to see a woman collecting signatures to stop the proposed zoning map change. Everyone there signed it.

The next step is the planning and zoning sub-committee and the planning board meetings held in the next 30 days or so.

Monday, October 17, 2022

Pan-Handlers are still working


Interesting piece in the MWDN, finally, someone has interviewed a pan-handler who is working the Rte 30, Speen Street area about the ordinance that was passed by the CC. The man’s name is Larry and I’ve given him money in the past. He’s homeless and lives in a hotel, I assume it’s the Red Roof Inn, the best in third world accommodations.

Apparently, FPD is warning those who collect money from the medians on certain roads. On Saturday, on Rte 30 in front of Lowes there were well dressed men in the roads and by the time I left Lowes, all of them were gone. The women at Rte 30 and 126 was gone as well.

At some point, there will be tickets and fines for those who continue to pan-handle. The weather will be turning ugly very soon which will slow down the number of pan-handlers. And since the ordinance is far reaching in scope to include political speech and asking for charitable donations, you may not see the FFD collecting for MD or the Salvation Army or people holding political signs at intersections. 

According to the paper, the ACLU is questioning the constitutionality of the ordinance. I suspect the ACLU will be taking us to court and perhaps already have spoken to our new city solicitor.