Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Say no to Nobscot rezoning

 Developers want to build lots of apartments and retail in the 27 acres located in Nobscot. It's time for those of you who live in that area to show your support for no rezoning. With the Nobscot plaza being finished this year, we don't need another housing development practically across the street.

Monday, October 23, 2023

FPD to use new technology MWDN

To clarify the article in the MWDN “Framingham police officers to use new technology” in today’s paper.  The article is written (Norman Miller) about the grant that FPD received for body-cams. This is not new technology at all. Grants have been available from the State since 2016. Twenty percent of all police departments already have body cam programs along with 2k State Troopers. This month the State awarded 54 police departments including Framingham which received 211K. The grant was not for a pilot program but rather an infusion of capital money to purchase 140 cameras and associated hardware/software to become operational. The pilot program now consists of deploying 30 cameras (Jan 2023 to July 2024). The money is not for hiring more personnel and before the grant money is awarded two things must happen, one is the body cam policy must be written and approved as well as the rank-and-file members need to agree to wear and use them. According to the chair of FinCom, there is nothing to negotiate. The public has heard the chief say in numerous meetings how much FPD is in favor of body cams. All the other remaining questions like storage, retention length, redaction rules, and transfer can be answered in the Rules and Regulations document put forward by the State. Residents have waited two years for this invaluable tool for increased transparency and accountability as part of police reform and will not accept any more excuses or delays. The taxpayers should not be forced to pay more for transparency and accountability from our police force.