Sunday, March 24, 2024

There's no shortage of work for the P.O.S.T. (Peace Officers Standards and Training)


It certainly has been a busy week for our Chief Baker at the POST Commission. Just the other day the Globe reported on 2 police chiefs that are before the POST commission. One was suspended for credible reports that call into question the hiring and certification practices concerning certain candidates for employment as law enforcement officers. One was over her handling of a dispatcher’s complaint of sexual assault by a male officer in 2020 at an after-work parking lot gathering for a few beers. The most egregious, unethical, and criminal behavior the POST commission had to weigh in on was the cop from Stoughton who groomed a young teenager girl in the town’s youth program. The detective has agreed to be decertified after the commission had accused the detective of having sex with this 15-year-old beginning in 2013. He was also accused of lying to State Police about the extent of his interactions with the young girl. The young women committed suicide in 2021 and was pregnant. An autopsy did not name the farther. And it does not end there. The detective’s brother was involved and will be in front of the commission next week along with the former deputy chief who had previously led the police youth program. The two are being sued by the estate of the women who died for wrong full death. Our AG Campbell is now taken over the criminal case. Since POST was created in 2020, 11 officers had been decertified.