Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday's Metro West Daily News

Good morning and thank you for stopping by.

You may have seen the articles in today's edition of the MWDN relating to the election. As many of you know, the on line version of the paper allows comments from readers in a blog section following each article. This morning, I commented on three of these articles on the election. However, the MWDN has chosen to block my ability to post to any of these blogs. I believe this is in direct violation of my right to free speech, as all of my comments met the requirements for posting listed on their site. I think it is important for the voters of Framingham to know that I am reading and commenting on the issues that are important to you, however, my ability to let you see those comments has been limited by the MWDN. I do believe there are many important issues facing all of us that deserve our attention, and so I am moving on at the moment to those issues that are important to all of us in Framingham. I will be in the parking lot at Ace Hardware today from noon - 3pm. Please stop by with your questions, comments, and concerns (and maybe something warm to drink!). As always, I am available to listen and respond. Silencing Jim Pillsbury is not an easy task, and certainly not something the Metro West Daily News is able to do!

Thank you again for your ideas and your support. I ask for your vote on November 4th to send a message that we ALL have a voice in what happens here in Framingham, and that everyone's voice has a right to be heard. You have my word that I will listen and be responsive to the will of the voter if given the opportunity to represent you at the State House.


Jim Pillsbury