Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Day Tampering

When we arrived at Juniper Hill School, we discovered some of our signs had been removed. The night before, we had painstakingly measured 150 feet from the door. The officer on duty informed me that he had taken the signs down because they were within the 150 foot boundary. I asked how he measured, and he responded he "guesstimated". There were 7 signs pulled down at Brophy School and it is unclear who pulled them down, but these too were well outside the 150 foot boundary.

On November 3rd, an altercation ensued in the morning when I stuck 6 of my political signs in the ground around the border of the Common. While I was there 2 women approached me and told me I could not put the signs up and I had to take them down. I explained to them that this was not the case and to check with Jim Eagan. While talking to those women, a Park and Recreations employee screamed at me from his truck to say I could not put the signs there. As I was walking across the street to my car, this Town employee pulled his vehicle in front of mine and told me again I was not allowed to put signs on the Common. I told him to contact Jim Eagan and left the area. The signs were pulled sometime after 5pm on Monday.

Stay tuned for further updates.