Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Town Meeting

For those of you who care about such things, below is the url for the upcoming Town Meeting.

And the Special Town Meeting on May 5th.

The report from Finance Committee

With 65 new TMM's, many of whom were recruited by Herb Chasen of Save our Schools, one might expect some serious debate over such things as the deal cut with the unions of heath care costs. It now stands at 16/84, which should be rejected. It's way past time for organized labor in this Town to live like the rest of us and pay more for their heath care coverage. There's the meals tax of over a million that may go to schools.. or maybe to where it was intendid, the stabilazation fund. A choice between town emplyees as bus drivers or to privatize... could save big time. The SC seems to indicate that school choice would only save 300,000 or so and may present problems with segragation and all the poor kids at one school. With 6% uneployment in thsi Town, there's plenty of poor kids to go around.

There's still rasies planned for many, and I think it's a bad sign that any raises are being considered. Then there's the question of 5 million in OT for cops and fireman.

And much more...

I'm open to any or all comments, suggestions and resonable debate on any or all of the warrant articales. But the biggest savings this Town can see will be in the Heath Care contract that should be rejected.

SJC rules: odor of burnt marijuana not evidence of crime

Yesterday the SJC here in Mass made a decision as a direct result of the overwhelming approval of Ballot Question 2, the decriminalization of marijuana. The court by a 5-1 decision made the right call in a case that exemplifies how law enforcement has used the war on drugs, specifically marijuana to bolster their arrest records, waste millions of public safety dollars, while violent hard core criminals prowl our state.

This decision will have an impact on Framingham Police as they are constantly using the "smell of burnt marijuana" to gain access to homes and cars, wasting tax dollars busting low level pot smokers.

From the Globe:

The state’s highest court, overturning precedent and denying police a crime-fighting tool, ruled yesterday that the odor of marijuana smoke is not enough for officers to order a person out of a parked car, now that possession of less than an ounce of marijuana is no longer a crime in Massachusetts.

“Without at least some other additional fact to bolster a reasonable suspicion of actual criminal activity, the odor of burnt marijuana alone cannot reasonably provide suspicion of criminal activity to justify an exit order,’’ the court ruled in a 5-to-1 decision written by Chief Justice Roderick Ireland.

The justices ruled that voters, in passing the 2008 ballot question, intended that possessing an ounce or less of marijuana “should not be considered a serious infraction worthy of criminal sanction.’’

“Ferreting out decriminalized conduct with the same fervor associated with the pursuit of serious criminal conduct is neither desired by the public, nor in accord with the plain language of the statute,’’ Roderick wrote.