Monday, November 3, 2014

November 2014 Elections

I cannot in good conscious vote for Markey. He exemplifies whats wrong with Washington. He has been a part of Washington who has done nothing in the past 20 years. He has received millions in campaign contributions from those who he regulates. He is as much the problem in Washignton as any other. And sending a hard core idealog in Herr will not make any thing better for the country, but only to support more grid lock in Washighton. I'll blank out on this one.

Voting for either Coakley or Baker will only add to our fiscal and moral dilemma in this State. The Independents are my only hope for the future. Livley seems to be so removed from anywhere near the center. Mccormick has great ideas, but Falchuk has the right ideas about many of the states problems and could be the best candidate to get things done. Falchuk for Governor.

Maura Healey seems to be the best candidate for AG

Galvin is part of the Blue machine here in mass. D'Arcangelo is with the red side. For a change, I would go with Factor for Sec of State.

Goldberg, another insider. Hefferman seems to be honest and experienced. Jackson from the Green Party would be my second choice.

Bump seems to be doing her job and that's why I would vote for her.

Voting for any incumbent in Congress is saying I agree with their work, which is as we all know, their approval rating is as low as it's ever been.

Voting for an office that should not even exist goes against my core voting values. The Governors council is another State elected board that has little to no effect on anything, unless you're a deep pocket lawyer who wants to be a judge.

Spilka and Walsh have done some work for the people, but are part of the Blue machine that continues to evade the obvious. Corruption, nepotism, fraud and scandal after scandal are all things we forget about when voting. Coombes who has challenged Walsh did not make enough of an effort to make me vote for him.

To many recent events have caused me not vote for Ryan.

DeCristofaro the D and Lambert the R... neither make me want to vote for them.

Ballot Questions

1 gas tax  YES ... The State has done a bad job maintaining the roads and bridges in this State. Much of the gas tax over the years has never gone to the proper projects. Letting the State raise a tax without our consent is wrong.

2 bottle bill... YES... Spending a few pennies to help clean up our environment is worth the money.

3 Gaming.. NO ... People who want to gamble should be able to do so here in Mass.

4 Earned Sick Time.. YES .... is there any argument against this? I couldn't imagine why.

5 Ending Marijuana Prohibition... YES... Over 53 % of Americans now believe marijuana should be legal and regulated. Since 2000, Framingham voters have overwhelmingly supported relaxing marijuana laws along with medicinal access for patients.

6 Amending the Constitution.. YES... Since the Supreme Courts decision to allow corporations to have the same rights as individuals, we have seen 100's of millions of dollars go to effect elections. For the future of this country, we need to stop the influence of corporations in our electrical process.