Friday, November 7, 2014

ex-probation chief

From the Globe

In a case that exmplifies whats wrong with Beacon Hill, prosecutors are asking for 70 months in prision for one of this States biggest insiders. As the trail progressed, it was clear from the start that Mr. O'Brian was guilting of a fraudulent hiring sceme and trading probation dept jobs to friends and relatives of State Legislators. House Speaker Bob DeLeo's name was mentioned throughout the trial and he has adimentley denied any wrong doing. But as we know, his nephew got a cherry job because of his connections as have many state workers. I was very disappointed to see Mr. DeLeo not get indicated for using his position to give friends and family cushy high paying jobs that they may not have been qualified for.

The Governor elect is already planning his first 60 days and prescription drugs and campaign finance reform is on his radar. Lets see when and if he gets around to cleaning up our State Government and who will stand in his way from the hill.