Friday, November 28, 2014

4Th Annual Holiday Show

A blogger asked if we are doing the Holiday Show.

Yes we did our live Holiday Show last week in Natick. The show will be played on your public access stations at 9PM Saturdays, 7PM Sunday's and 8:30 on Wednesday nights. I always think of Bing Crosby's Christmas Show's when I'm planning the shows. As in the past, we are blessed with the New Sound Assembly Choir, Santa and Mrs. Claus and some children.

As always, it's the best show I produce all year and to see my granddaughter singing with the choir, makes me so proud.

Watch the show at this link.

I appreciate your kind words Annon

"Black Lives matter" and the Grand Jury

As strange as it felt listening to the press conference at 9PM, I wasn’t along. The reasons given were somewhat strange as well. The authorities knew what the decision of the grand jury was and decided to announce at 9PM. As the prosecutor read on, I could sense it was going south for an indictment of any kind. You could hear it in his delivery.

Many have called into question now, some of the evidence that was refuted by other testimony.  There seems to be plenty to question and perhaps the Fed’s will decide to peruse a more thorough and unbiased investigation.  And while the next day, a black 12 year old was shot dead over a toy that looked just like a gun, nothing has changed in the hearts of those whose job it is to enforce laws resulting in more blacks that will die at the hands of white police officers.

The protesters make me proud and if I weren’t so tired, I’d be there also. And Boston did the country proud by having a mostly peaceful protest. While buildings burned in Ferguson Mo, we in the white community have faith that we could never have that problem here in Framingham.  After all, we accept the fact that a white police officer killed an innocent black man, who was lying on the floor of his home, in his pajamas, in the middle of the night, unarmed and not resisting.