Monday, January 22, 2018

Beacon Hill Reps file cannabis sanctuary bill

As most readers have heard, AG Sessions has repealed all of what former President Obama has done to protect States who have medical and legalized cannabis. Our own State's AG has indicated that the Fed's will not give safe haven to anyone who grows, sells or manufactures cannabis products. This has sent a shock wave through the up start industry. 28 states now have some form of medical  cannabis and 9 States have legalized cannabis in some form.
Rep's Dave Rogers and Mike Connolly have introduced a bill that clearly respects the will of the voters here in Mass, prohibiting local and Sate police from participating in federal cases against licensed operators who follow state cannabis laws. If the Feds are going to prosacute licenend cannbis operations, no state tax dollars will be used to do so.
I have asked my Counsel rep to require our Police Department to not go after licensed operators. similar to what Boston and Worcester police departments have done already.
Lets see if our own reps here in Framingham will sign on.

decisions on the licensing board

In what only can be described as the first challenge for the Mayor and City council, is the appointments of the licensing board. 4 out of  5 candidates were approved, but the fifth, Adam Barosky was not. He is a lawyer who has a practice specializing in alcohol licensing and regulatory compliance. Ms. Grove was the first to question Mr. Barnosky's appointment. And made the point that none of the applicants are from the south side.  Along with CT Stoll who made the point of the lack of transparency in the process.
The nomination sub committee did not see any conflict with Mr. Barnosky's occupation, which to me seems to ignore the obvious.
The Mayor seemed perturbed when asked about the conflict of interest. Saying the candidates were vetted by a group, including a police officer and our own Town Counsel. Was that officer one of the men who raided and killed Mr. Stamps? Is he one of the officers that knew about the spare key to the evidence room? With all due respect to Town Counsel, lawyers are tied with Congress as the least trusted people in the country.
My take is that the Mayor should be aware of the optics of the appointments and should see that anyone who is involved with regulating any industry, should not be in that industry.
Should be a good test of the relationship between the Mayor and the Council, after all, the Council is the checks and balance in our new city government, replacing Town Meeting. And it looks like it's working.