Thursday, May 3, 2018

X Senate Pres Rosenberg must go

The report from the investigation of Stanley Rosenberg highlighted the lack of concern he (Rosenberg) had over his husbands criminal behavior on Beacon Hill. An independent law firm questioned 45 people, searched 250,000 thousand e mails and 19000 text messages, The results were that Rosenberg knew or should have known his husband was racially and sexually harassing Senate employees. Gov Baker and AG Healy have asked for him to resign. The powder puff recommendation from the lawyers was to not allow Rosenberg to head any committees for a few years.
Rosenberg exemplifies whats wrong with Beacon Hill and should resign and never come back in any capacity. As an aside, Rosenberg was one of the 5 legislators who supported Q4 and then voted to repeal and replace it with their own version.
Send the new President Karen Spilka an e mail ( in the subject line write He must resign.

Don't expect to be served a beer if you smell like pot in Framingham

At the last Licensing commission meeting, an alcohol dealer raised concerns over serving someone who smelled of marijuana.  For many cannabis consumers who dodn't drink at all, this means little. But for those who partake or are around people who burn to consume, you may have been splashed with smoke and having it on your cloths or breath. The surprise came when the Chair told the audience that servers should air on the side of caution and not serve that patron. The Chair seems to think that if you smell like pot, you are to intoxicated to have a drink. This would apply to liquor stores I assume and is the latest in reefer madness at the local level. This kind of non sense only hurts small business. Fast forward to the near end and you will see what I'm writing about.

Chris Walsh.. friend to Framingham

While we all knew it was coming, it's still very sad news of his passing. From early on, he always listened to what I had to say. He supported my advocacy of marijuana and hemp (he introduced the Mass Hemp Farm Bill) from the get go and was instrumental in helping Steph wade through Beacon Hill for her attempts to strengthen domestic violence legislation. Besides all that, he was admired and loved by so many in Town. His support of the history of Framingham, open space and historic buildings was always present.
I hope his spirit will live forever in our hearts and minds.
Rest in peace Chris.