Friday, February 19, 2016

No Confidence... who has the right to say so?

At a meeting I attended the other night, a senior TMM told the group that Town Meeting does not have the right to vote on a no confidence resolution. Which begs the question, how does Town Meeting hold anyone in the executive branch or any Town employee accountable for their actions or the lack of actions. We know that there is a police officer who killed an innocent man and one who is being investigated by the AG’s office for theft of money in the evidence room, both still on the job. We also know that there are 2 firefighters who are still on the job after being charged with domestic violence and a departed fire chief who has never addressed the sick time/overtime abuse. We know that the BOH fiasco was started with the hiring of a Director (long gone) who was pals with the Town Manger. We know that the VSO stood in opposition to the POW MIA flags being flown at the Memorial building. We also know that Town Meeting voted to have Government Access TV produce and air only government meetings, which has been ignored. Lastly, we know that Town Meeting shot down all the mean-spirited zoning by laws regarding the medical marijuana dispensary and as we know now, those votes were ignored by the BOS, Town Manger and planning board administration. So if Town Meeting can’t ask for a no confidence vote… who can?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Globe's...... not here

OK.. I've had enough of the no paper, late paper saga with the Globe. According to a very pleasant Globe Rep, they still have 40% of the subscribers are having issues. So.. today I cancelled out of protest. Getting the paper at 4:30 in the afternoon doesn't cut it. I will have to re-sign up for the e-paper.. but at least I can see the news on the computer. Perhaps it means nothing to John Henry that many of us who are loyal subscribers can only tolerate so much before we cancel, but I'm willing to bet the advertisers are going to press him (Henry) to fix the problem or lose their business.