Thursday, September 30, 2021

Mass Bay rent went to general fund.. and not to the schools

 I find it interesting that rent payments Mass Bay was paying the Town for the use of the Farley building but instead went to the general fund and not directly to the school department. That 8.5 million helped the Town side but not the schools. Why no one noticed this error years ago is troubling. A round of applause for the Chair of the School Committee for discovering this error.

From the MWDN: 

A new revolving bank account "separate and apart" from other city funds has been set up for the money MassBay Community College is paying to rent one of the city's school buildings.

MassBay has been a tenant in Framingham Public Schools' Farley Building on Flagg Drive since 1990, according to college spokesperson Elizabeth Cooper, and has a lease for this year and next at an annual rate of $400,000. The rent money was mistakenly sent to the city's general fund when Massachusetts law calls for it to be "kept separate and apart from other city or town funds in the city or town treasury and may be expended by the School Committee without further appropriation."

School Committee Chairman Adam Freudberg said he researched the rules and advocated for compliance around the city's receipt of rent payments from MassBay.

Since fiscal 2011, MassBay paid $8,548,333 in rent, according to Freudberg.

At a recent meeting, the School Committee voted unanimously to create the account and immediately deposit all fiscal 2022 rent payments into it. The move brings the city into full compliance with the law.

City Council Chairman George King said the then-town used to deposit MassBay's rent into the city general fund back in the early 2000s, when he was the Town Manager.

"I remember being surprised back then that it went into the general fund but at that time at least to my understanding and interpretation of law, when the building was being rented and there was no school use that money goes back to the general fund," said King.




Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Candidate forums Saturday 9.2 Sunday 9.3


On Saturday the League will be holding candidate forum's for the Mayor's race, District 2 Morales/Binnall, Stiener/Feeney

The Mayor's race is from 2 to 3:05 PM

District 2 from 3:05 to 4PM

District 3 from 4:05 to 5PM

On Sunday 9.3 we have Alexander/Gordon from 2 to 3PM
On TV,  RCN channel 3, RCN HD channel 1100, Verizon channel 43, and Comcast channel 9

on demand on AF TV, but the schedule is not out yet for next week

Friday, September 24, 2021

Beware... another scam lurks in your mailbox


Have any of our readers received a “Final Notice” in the mail about your car factory warranty running out? The mailer I got said my 2018 Dodge Caravan factory warranty had expired and that I was finically liable for the cost of repairs.

First, my Dodge is a 2013 and has been out of warranty for many years. The letter could be construed as a warning to the addressee that if they don’t call a number, all hell will break lose.

I went to the website and you may have guessed, it’s a scam by an auto parts company in Florida. Needless to say, recycle this mailer. I’ve written to the AG’s office about this scam as it preys on the elderly and the unknowing.