Monday, March 9, 2009

Pam Richarson's News Letter

Rep. Richardson Discusses Budget with Hemenway Elementary School PTO

Representative Pam Richardson met with Hemenway Elementary School's Parent Teacher Organization last week to discuss the State Budget.

The lively discussion included questions regarding historic local aid numbers and proposals which would bring more revenue to Framingham and help avoid potential cuts to services

If you would like Representative Pam Richardson to attend an upcoming PTO or community group meeting to discuss the State Budget reply to this email or call (617)722-2582 State Budget Discussion


Monday, March 30th
7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Costin Room, Framingham Public Library

Noah Berger, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center will lead a presentation and discussion on the Massachusetts State Budget. All residents are welcome. Light refreshments served. For more information Contact Representative Pam Richardson (617)722-2582

How they Voted here in Mass March 2-6 Read it and Weep

The house and Senate approved Deval's plan to reorganize a few departments, Transitional Assistance emergency shelter programs is now part of the Dept of Housing and Community Development.

The "Seven-member Independent Redistricting Commission" was defeated by most, 133 to 22. This is very bad for us and next year, you will see districts carved up like a Thanksgiving Turkey. They all should be ashamed of themselves.

The 28 member legislative Redistricting Commission .. did get approved 132 - 20, it's made up of 23 Dems and 5 Rebub's. More partisan politics here... will do nothing to stop the discriminatory practice.

The Senate approved a bill that the State will "guarantee Turnpike Dept", more bad news

The Senate rejected 12-26 an amendment prohibiting the Mass Turnpike from raising tolls beyond what is needed to prevent the Mass Turnpike from defaulting on it's bonds. They just don't listen to what the public wants.

Total time the taxpayers are charged for March 2-6. House met for 4 hours and the Senate met for 4 hours and 12 minutes. Great work if you can get it....

Report Examples of Waste from Stimulus funding

The main man, Obama's pick for watchdog over the stimulus money, 787 billion dollars, a guy named Earl Devaney. He's the guy charges with making sure money that is being sent, doesn't end up as party favors for a select few. As I've read in the WSJ, many of the systems and procedures laid out as requirements, to get stimulus money, are just not there yet. They actually have around 350 million dollars in their coffers to help with the process of watching where this money goes.

He also states that fraud typically accounts for 7% of all big contracts... that's 55 billion in fraud they already have reasoned. The man and his lieutenants will have their hands full.

A few towns in Metro West just got 1.7 million from grants from the Stimulus money. These are for law enforcement primarily and should be watched for fraud and useless programs.

Please feel free to write to this address and print out a copy of what you sent, it may be very interesting to see if they do anything with the intell.