Thursday, March 26, 2009

Could this really work in Mass? talk about recycling!

Bathroom time may not be wasted time after all: A year’s worth of your poop can be turned into 2.1 gallons of useable diesel. And the Norwegian capital of Oslo plans to put all that waste to work powering 80 of its buses with fuel made from the Bekkelaget sewage treatment plant, which houses the waste of 250,000 people.
If all goes as planned, the city’s other waste treatment plant, as well as biofuels made from food waste, will eventually contribute to the total supply—and with serious results: Fueling 400 or so buses this way would reduce 30,000 tons of carbon emissions a year.
While the idea certainly has an “ick factor,” it’s not like gas-station attendants will have to start shoveling sewage directly into a bus’ fuel tank.
The biofuel is actually made from methane that is collected by a sewage treatment plant after microorganisms break down the waste. While switching to this bathroom-friendly method will cost the city 15 percent more to pay for new buses and the added maintenance fees, the benefits still outweigh the negatives: The cost of fuel at the pump is cheaper and it’s carbon neutral. Lives might be saved with the lower emissions of nitrogen oxide and fine particle matter in the air. The buses aren’t as loud. And before you turn your nose at this just yet, consider this: The fuel doesn’t smell.

Ok.. all kidding aside folks... Discover Magazine... with their numbers as a base line, we could power over 6000 vehicles a year, (if we had 4 million hooked to waste water plants), in and around places like the MWRA treatment plants and any other waste treatment facilities. I presume, after breaking it down with microbs it would take on a reduced form and perhaps be harmless. But in the long run it could help stop the pollution of our oceans here in Mass, reduce air pollutants with less urban noise.

Deval's answer to critics of Senator Walsh's 175K pay

Senate Republicans blasted Gov. Deval Patrick’s choice of UMass dean Stephen P. Crosby to review salaries at the state’s 52 quasi-independent agencies yesterday, saying somebody “more independent” is needed.

Patrick tapped Crosby - a former secretary of administration and finance to GOP Govs. Paul Cellucci and Jane M. Swift - for the 90-day study after the flap over Sen. Marian Walsh’s $175,000 job at an obscure funding agency.

Ok... sports fans, Deval has appointed an insider to review the salaries of the independent state agencies. What a great idea.... and I'll bet in 90 days, Mr. Crosby will write in a press release, that all of these groups salaries are within excepted levels of comparable private businesses. Thus.. Senator Walsh will be making that 175K in 90 days. Any takers?