Friday, March 27, 2009

Mosquito Control Spraying in Eastern Mass

As some of you may or may not know, the State sprays pesticides at out homes every year to control mosquitos. While my personal preference my not be yours about pesticides use, I would like you all to know, you can opt out of having your property sprayed. Notices are sent out to those of us who want to opt out of the program in February, of all months. Our paperwork had slide into a pile of "to do" stuff, so today I went to my favorite office in Town, the Clerks Office, and delivered my paperwork.

Here's what to do. Send or drop off to the Clerk's office in your town, stating your name, address, phone number and a brief statement instructing them not to spray any pesticides on your property. You must put up some clear markers at each end of your property lines, so the drivers can tell where to stop and start spraying. Details on the web site.

Go to this webs site below for more details on the time when they will spray, dates and the types of pesticides they use.