Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Now it's getting Testy... The House, Senate and Deval

Battle lines are now being drawn... the Senate wants to take out a provision for Devals slush fund under the "ethics reform package". Devals ethics reform did not include campaign finance. Any wonder why... he's raised millions and continues to do so... under his 71st Governor Fund where by individuals can donate 5,500 dollars in one check, 500 to Deval and 5,000 for the State Democratic party. The Party can then pay Deval's political expenses, around 700,000. The Senate wants to limit the total amount donated to 500.00. Deval must be pissed at this move.

The Senate is now proposing slashing everything, except their own salaries and perks. Senate President Murray still refuses to take up ethics reform and the House still is avoiding pension reforms that allow termination allowances for pols who quit or fail to be re elected. To continue the practices of yesterday, could cost us millions in coming years. Judges can decide whether changing a contract is legal or not but it will be wild to see who among the legislature will try to keep the practices of pension abuse alive and well.

The Senate is making everyone nervous with their budget proposals, slashing everything. The House has not slashed much, but has proposed hefty sales tax increase to pay for some of their promises. Deval has positioned himself in the middle of this school yard game. None of these groups want to give an inch, none want to do the right thing by us, none can see past the next election and have raised and spent more money last year than since 1990.

Huge outcries will soon be heard from everyone in the State that gets funds, like education, local aid, health care, ect etc. This will make it easier for the elected elite to raise more revenues from taxes. It's a shell game they play, spinning webs of mis information and back door deals. By July, gas will be 3.00 a gallon or more, a budget like no other budget in recent times, will come out and it will rely heavily on tax increases of all kinds. Times will be tough for local Towns and overrides will not happen in an election year. All that's left to know, is what the elected elite are going to tell us and when.