Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So I get this from Pam today.. please note the date


BOSTON-State Representative Pam Richardson (D-Framingham) voiced opposition to a section of the Municipal Relief Bill which would remove School Committee approval when consolidating school committee and municipal functions.

Section 101 of the Municipal Relief Bill (H. 1971) concerns the consolidation of various administrative functions including financial, personnel and maintenance functions of the school committee with those of the municipalities. If this section is enacted into law, at a minimum, the office of the business manager, the office of the personnel director, and the maintenance office and related personnel would be subject to consolidation with the appropriate municipal department without school committee agreement.

Richardson sits on the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government, the committee before which this bill is currently pending. She has been working closely with House Chairman Paul Donato (D-Medford) and Senate Chairman Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton) on extricating this section form the Municipal Relief Bill.

"I view this as a breach of the responsibility vested in our School Committee to manage our schools in the best interests of children," said Richardson. "To strip the School Committee of these essential functions and put them under Municipal control threatens the quality and integrity of our public schools."

and there's a few more paragraphs about how bad the idea is...

The Municipal Relief Bill is a package of reforms and cost saving measures which will save money and provide relief for struggling cities and towns. It was filed in the House Friday May 8 and is currently being considered by the Joint Committee on Municipalities. There were two public hearings on the bill last week, one in the State House last Tuesday (5/12) and the other in Hudson last Friday (5/15).

So.. look at when she sends this... and even if any of us wanted to attend... we couldn't have.. because she didn't let us know in time.

Ok.. I agree... she's a puppet of education, unions and the same old way... but, why won't she want everyone to know before this was happening.... why? In many ways, this would save us real money...

After hearing about the school budget here in Framingham at Town Meeting last night.. it's clear, the unions made out very well, even though they will ax 20 something positions... NOTE.. no one has thought about taking a pay cut to save jobs.. not here in Framingham.

Talk about insult to us all..... a veil of secrecy?

From The Herald

More than three-quarters of Beacon Hill lawmakers - including the House speaker and Senate president - threw up “a veil of secrecy” when pressed for the size and salaries of their taxpayer-paid staff, even as they are muscling through wallet-crippling tax hikes.

For nearly two months, some 155 of 200 House and Senate lawmakers have stonewalled a Herald request for a list of their staff and salaries - public information that should be readily available upon request.

“They have an obligation to the people who elected them to be forthright with their actions, how they’re spending money, and be accountable,” said Edwin Bender, executive director of the Montana-based National Institute for Money and State Politics. “If lawmakers are not willing to tell you something as simple as their employees and their salaries, what else are they hiding?”

While lawmakers last night inched closer to hiking the sales tax to 6.25 percent, records show the House is projected to shell out $31.3 million to 160 members and 561 staffers this year. In the Senate, $16.4 million will be paid to 40 members and 342 aides.

So.. we pay 47 million dollars for people who hide in plain sight. Only listen to those who donate to their campaigns, take advantage of what ever they can, when they want. Made dam sure we couldn't force this information out through public records laws.

A volunteer legislator is the only option left.