Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Article 25, Wind Turbine By-Law goes back to?

Ok all you renewable energy fans... the By-Law was sent back.. not to the authors.. but the Planning Board.

If anyone gets a chance to watch the meeting from tonight, a new high in propaganda was reached when one TMM actually stood up and said wind turbines will stop salamanders from mating and will, because of vibration, kill off any of those beloved little critters at the base of a tower. This statement ties with Yankoff's babble about the women's chest expanding with the rotation of the blades of a wind turbine. Reefer madness has hit the wind industry. And what would the night be without Yankoff sharing with us, that if we wanted to sleep in the big bed tonight, he would have to keep his talk under tens minutes.

Now I see why he's so angry all the time and feels left out......

It's painfully clear, some of the ill informed have much to learn about wind energy with the remarks and questions I heard last night. Was it this hard to convince people the automobile was a good idea?

I'm glad to hear the the Planning Board will have to take this up. Besides one comatose board member, the rest have brains, think logically and deal in facts. I will make my first hand knowledge of the small wind turbine industry available to them directly. Perhaps then the likes of Yankoff and some of the more ill informed TMM's will have no rational argument to run with.

And by the way.... there is no one in Town, expect the building commish, who could legally stop any of us from having a wind energy conversion device on our property. Please note, there are hardly any manufactured and tested yet that will make sense to own here in Framingham at this point. The small wind and micro wind market is still in it's infancy but is growing up before our eyes. As stated before, stringent internationally recognized standards will have to be adopted by the manufactures to design, manufacture, test and maintain small wind turbines. All sorts of regulations are already in place before you hook up to the grid.

In the next wind turbine by-law, there will be homeowner provisions, similar to Hopkinton, that will allow us to capture wind on our property at reasonable heights. Utility grade wind turbines that sit 300 feet in the air are never going to materialize here in Framingham. We're not high enough and to far from the coast.

Beacon Hill Roll Call

As reported before the Senate 33 6 approved the budget of 27.5Billion, based on the sales tax increase to 6.25. 900 million was mysteriously added in before the vote was taken. SO.. the 6.25 will affect alcohol sales and with options for Towns to add a 2% meals tax option, approved by Town Meeting.

The Senate rejected an amendment to raise the income tax form 5.3 to 5.95% and also rejected a gas tax increase of.19 and .11 cents a gallon. They also rejected an amendment to allow Town Meeting to vote on whether to increase the meals tax. They rejected slot machines at each of the States race tracks.

They also rejected two major amendments, one was to prohibit pay increases for State workers for two years and a hiring freeze, unless deemed critical to public safety. And lastly, the rejected an amendment to work on Evacuation Day and Bunker Hill Day... two holidays that only State workers in Suffolk county get off.