Monday, June 1, 2009

GM, DARE and Town Meeting

So we now are witnessing the 4th largest bankruptcy in this counties history. We now own 60% of GM and if you ever thought about buying a new car, head out to the dealers who are going under. Huge deals are being made to sell off their inventory. And the market rose 225 points... who said there's no money to be made in the market?

DARE has risen from the grave in a few communities south of here. With the recent teenage drinking accidents that have happened, lately, cops and a few ill informed parents are trying to raise money to keep this program alive. DARE America should file for parental bankruptcy and not get bailed out with any tax dollars.

The MWDN asks if Town Meeting is worth it with such low turn out. They report 127 of the 187 elected members showed up to do their civic duty through the last meeting. The largest attendance was for the SMOC lawsuit to approve another 350,000 in legal fees. Certain parts of Town have higher TMM attendance in the more affluent and educated percents, not surprising, but some in other percents don't show up much at all. While the system seems to need some new blood and some reform on the attendance policy, the alternative (City Form) may well end up costing us more in the long run, but no one has leaped forward to do anything about it.