Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pam fights for more room for farm animals

From the Globe:

Beacon Hill lawmakers considered a bill yesterday that would impose comprehensive restrictions on farms, requiring that animals be housed with room to stand up, lie down, turn around, and extend their limbs or wings.

If passed, the legislation, sponsored by Representative Pam Richardson, a Framingham Democrat, would bar what activists call some of the most egregious practices on farms: small cages for egg-laying hens, veal crates for calves, and gestation crates for pigs.

Such cases are rare occurrences in Massachusetts, and Richardson has not seen any in her district, she said at a public hearing yesterday before the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture. Nevertheless, the bill would prevent such practices in the state, she said.

We need another piece of legislation that covers a non problem. I guess her equestrian degree has helped her with the farm animal Bill, but I wonder who has paid how much to get this going. Do the pigs and chickens at the State House need more room to stand, lie down and sleep?