Friday, June 5, 2009

Deval is off and running, duck and cover folks

First off, another 800 million is cut from the newest budget propsoed by Deval. Local aid will take another hit it appears. Revenue collections were down in April. The game playing is heating up, with three different budgets being floated, with and without the sales tax increase. Nothing is in stone yet... and while this is going on, we learn today from the Globe and Herald, Deval's team knew about the Cognos software issue and how Deval didn't want to pick a fight with DiMasi in 2007. Look for this to be ammo in next years race.

All ethics reform meetings are closed to the public and the Senates version of the reform package, still does not exclude gifts to lawmakers, independent oversight and more teeth in the investigative procedures. Since the House approved the two Hack Holidays in Boston, it will now be up to the Senate to either keep or reject those two holidays, Bunker Hill and Evacuation Day.

Deval has hired an Obama cheerleader, David Plouffe was Obama's campaign manager. His spin on Deval will be that Deval is the reformer. So we may have Cristy Mihos as a Republican, Tim Cahill as either an Independent or he may force a run off as a Democrat. The millions that will be raised for these campaigns... all to make a lowly 6 figure income.

Besides Mihos's, I don't think there is one person connected to Beacon Hill, I can trust to run the State. And Mihos's opposition to Cape Wind keeps him off my list to vote for. I'm hoping another figure will come out of the dark and run against all of them who is beyond reproach.

The legal proceedings this summer will conclude with many more revelations and expose even more unethical behavior. Even the hard core supporters will not be able to defend actions by the ruling party and if they do, they will hold no weight and only serve to validate the voters descent within the party to vote for people who are not tied into such a corrupt and unethical system.

On a brighter note, this weekend should be sunny and warmer... take time to breath in some clean air and take a moment to witness the growth of a new spring. It's one of the only things left we have that isn't taxed, regulated or prohibited.