Monday, June 8, 2009

Deval, Cahill, The Legislature and the Democratic Convention

Our Governor wants to the Legislature to move 22 million dollars from the "Lawmakers PAC" which is used to fund renovations of the State House, into the general fund. The executive branch has already moved it's 1.1 million into the fund. Deval has said he will veto that line item if it is not in the budget. My question is, where the hell does that money come from and who contributes to that fund? I never knew it existed.

Mr. Cahill, while putting on the "Money Conference" is underwritten by some very large banks who deal with Cahill for this States bond and investment funds, including the states pension fund. While on the surface everything looks fine and YWCA who does great work, partners with Cahill to raise money, these same contributors are skirting campaign finance laws and Cahill is taking money from those who do business with the State.

This past weekend, in Springfield Mass, the Dems had their own version of a Love in. With all the press coverage of DiMasi and friends being indicted and the continual cycle of corruption coming from the State House, one would think that perhaps a new direction would have come out of the event. Perhaps even some would apologize to the people of this state.

I'm not shocked to read that delegates there from Metro West would be quoted as saying, "The party has nothing to do with it" said Farooq Karim-Mirza of Framingham. And Natick's Rep Linsky, who voted for DiMasi saying, We're doing the important work that the people send us to Beacon Hill to do", And "we're not going to let the action of a few of our colleagues keep us from doing that type of work".

The best case for mental evaluations of not only our elected eleite, but some of the delegates also. Their denial is going to come back and haunt them next year, I promise. Their shallow words are matched with their incompetency.