Monday, June 15, 2009

Beacon Hill Roll Call and M-16's

As you all know, the Stimulus money coming to Mass is ready and Obama wants it spent wisely. He also has demanded transparency with guidelines on how to accept the funds. The House passed 150 - 0 a bill to change several state laws to make sure we could meet the "use it or loose it" guidelines. They are:

extending from 18 to 26 weeks unemployment benefits if enrolled in training programs.

Expediting some state procedures that must be followed by companies who bid on contracts and requiring all jobs being created using the stimulus money be abolished when the federal money stops.

Mass is getting 8.7 billion in funds and as we all know, unless we are watching every dam dime, fraud and waste will take more than 20%. The change voted on would allow notices soliciting bids from companies to do work for the State be posted on a state owned and operated web sites, instead of the newspapers, which have done this for years. The Senate has already approved a similar version and the House measure goes back to the Senate for consideration.

Any bidding for contracts that has anything to do with public money, must be in full view of us all. We all are old enough to know how bad the insider bidding process has not worked for us here in Mass over the years. But this Deval approved change in the laws, which will allegedly speed up projects, will, if history is any indication, will be fraught with waste, fraud, shoddy and incomplete work and used as a political advantage for Deval.

Those of us who live closer to Wayland can rest easy tonight knowing that the Town is ordering 3 M-16's. Along with many other Towns and cities across the State who are getting free, retired military weapons, which include grenade launchers. Since 1994 over 1000 of these weapons have gone to police departments around the State. This information was initially withheld from by the State Police but later provided by the Defense Re utilization and Marketing Service.

While there are rules governing how many of these guns are allowed per 10 full time officers, many police chiefs have either mothballed them, used them in ceremonies or just buried them away. Framingham has 16 M-16's but the public has not the right to ask why. May we NEVER see a reason for those weapons to be deployed.