Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ethics bill update

Well the clock is ticking, as most of you already know. The legislature has approved the ethics overhaul and while some of it's very good, some key issues are not in it.

a ban lobbyists from making or soliciting campaign donations
did not include a wire tap authority for the AG's office.
the bill exempts the legislature from open meeting laws
does not allow Sec of State to issue rules regulating lobbyists.
does not ban gifts from friends and family members

it still allows 5,000 donations to political parties

Devall, has a few days left to make more political hey out of this, while holding hostage, the propsoed toll hike and sales tax increase. Next Monday at the Town Hall, the Pike board will meet once again to vote on the toll increase

Fund raising is happening on both sides and millions will come from every possible sector of society who wish to use those funds to buy political favors from those who continue to live in their own little world.

By this time next week, we (regular working and non working class people) will have even less respect for those, who we have allowed to do so much long term damage to our great State.

Lets see what happens next week.