Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Orrbors, and all the useless and pointless information

For those of you who have passed the rigorous application to be on the
discriminatory pillow talk Frambors.. or as some call it... Dembors...lately you have seen the pointless debate over recycle bins, weight loss club and an admission from it's ruler.. that HE is to blame for the lack of participation at Town Meeting... and I couldn't agree more. The cowboy hat wearing, follicley challenged, lap top playing goof ball, who has costs this Town millions in legal fees and reputation, now has been asking his following to apply for a coveted TM seat for the ultra elite Precinct 1. I'm reminded of a Bob Dylan song, "Idiot Wind" where Bob writes, "blowing even time you move your mouth, blowing down the back roads head'en south, Idiot Wind, it's a wonder you can even feed your self".

Tonight, we hear about the rules governing posts about candidates for the upcoming Town elections. I won't bore you with the multi paragraph rules and regulations but will ask ... is it any wonder we have such a dysfunctional TM, where 90% of the members are there for life, 20% leave at 9PM, 30% don't show up at all, 25% are employed by the Town, many have ADD and 80& are party loyalists... going along to get along.

If anyone with an independent brain from Pr 6 who wants to be a TMM.... and not bother with getting signatures and being on the ballot this spring, just shoot me an e mail before TM in April, and we (as precinct members) will vote for the best candidate that shows any real interest and knowledge of this Towns issues.

DeLeo and his ego

This past week, the ego centric Speaker replaced his two top successors for his job. The names are not important.. nor would either of them been any better for us if they had become Speaker. Insiders.. on the inside, vying for the big chair.. secretly lining up support now have had a pay cut... 10 to 15K chairman bonus... must have pissed them off big time.

All this.. to make sure Bob DeLeo can feel safe in his job.. until he is indicted.

I say again.. until DeLeo and Murray go...nothing good will happen on the Hill.

10 ordinary people... are changing the face of Egypt

When you think back in our recent history of ordinary people who have changed the face of our country.. Rosa Parks and others like her... who stood up to the man.. to oppression, ignorance, bigotry, lies and mis-information.... ordinary people who have had enough.

In Egypt... as we speak... their President is being forced out of office... why? the ordinary people, can't get jobs, watch as the rich get richer and the poor suffer. The lack of food and basic human rights, coruption at the highest levels, opression of the masses... and much more.

We are witnessing other countries doing the same thing... ordinary people fed up, tired and hungry, poor and disenfranchised... taking to the streets, willing to die for their cause.... for basic human respect of their leaders.

10 People.. lead by a single mom... in a small room... no internet, no money, no way to communicate to all of the million ordinary people... all asking for the same thing.. fairness from their government. No real weapons, no tanks, no suicide bombers, just real human beings, demanding fairness.

We are witness to history... and this event will effect us all, one way or the other. They may even stir up our own ordinary people...demanding fairness.