Sunday, February 27, 2011

Still no word from DA on the murder of Mr. Stamps

It's almost two months now since the Framingham SWAT Team shot and killed Mr. Ernie Stamps in his home in Framingham. With very few witnesses and the SWAT Team itself, I wonder why it's taking so long to determine what happened that night. I can only speculate that DA Leone is rehearsing the SWAT Team in arranging the facts. Like his TV show, he's in control. He can choreograph the whole scene, write the script, place people in locations, make up facts, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse until they all have the same story. It happens all over the country, in the name of fighting the war on drug users who are somehow mystery killed.

As I have and many of you have witnessed, law enforcement will go to any lengths to cover-up, lie and deny the bold face facts. As noted in the case of the Easton teenager who was shot and killed by local police in NY last month. The Grand Jury decided the Police were not at fault in his murder, even after witnesses who watched the whole tragedy unfold testified the Police were out of line, jumping on the hood of the teenagers car, firing three shoots into the windshield, wounding one passenger and killing a young man trying to comply with a policemens order to move his car. Justice may prevail for the family as the Justice Department has agreed to look into the case.

And to a lesser extent, a local women took on the State Police motorcycle goon squad this month and won a judgment after being hit by one at the Marathon several years ago. The jury found the State cop negligent in his duties. Conveniently, the lawyers for the cops dragged their feet until the officer in question retired. Even in defeat, the lawyer and the cops feel they did nothing wrong.

Just yesterday in this country, the 10th person was murdered by a Drug Army SWAT Team member. It's anyone's guess when this state sanctioned killing will end, but more and more reasonable people are asking why use such force against such low level offenders without violent backgrounds.

Court apperances by Boston Cops under investigation

The lack of oversight in law enforcement has brought a new perk to be looked into. Police officers putting in for court appearances, whether asked for or not. The Globe ran a story last week that asks Commissioner Davis about why 3 officers and one detective had put in for the 4 hour minimum, while only one officer was asked to appear.

As this may relate to Framingham.... can any of you remember back a year or two or three when the MWDN had pictures on the from page of police officers lining the walls of Framingham District court during an arraignment?

As we look to trim costs at all levels of Town Government should we ask Police Chief Carl how many times, how many officers, and how much has been spent on court duty that wasn't authorized? With a 2.5 million dollar OT budget, I wonder how much of that goes to unauthorized court appearances.

Deval, party loyality and a new class of Staties

Our governor, who is traveling the country, on morning talk shows and attending union support rallies has now suggested to Beacon Hill a way to replace retiring State Police officers is to tack on a sir charge of $2.50 to $2.75 on our auto insurance policies.

This back-door tax increase is just one example of whats to come from the ruling party. And as we all know, this type of tax increase will never go away.

A Snow Job....a lingering problem

As you may have heard this years snow removal budget, combined with last years and the years before that is at 2.37 million... and we still have another month or so of potentail snow storms.

CFO Kelly is quoted as saying, the 2.37 million, plus whatever happens the rest of this year, "can be tacked onto the next years tax roll, as long as we have figured out a way to close it within the tax rate".

Our CFO has stated she could take 400,000 from the reserve fund.. the fund used to keep our bond rating high

OR.. spend less in the operating budget this year and not fill certain vacant positions.

And lastly... the BOS and CFO have asked Rep Walsh and Senator Spilka for help from Beacon Hill.

These are the options left to us taxpayers for years 20102 and 13 and maybe 2014... putting off paying the bills now and hope we can cover them in years to come. This is why this Town, State and country are in such bad fiscal shape.