Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cape Wind... will they be forced to shut down?

It was reported that Northeast Utilities and National Grid have terminated the contracts with Cape Wind. Without the 2 major players buying electricity from Cape Wind, the financing for the 2.5 billion  dollar project will disappear. This again will be played out in court as the language in the contract is in question now.

While the opposition has waged war with countless litigation over the years, the project had lots of support from the Feds and the State. There's still plenty of debate on how much we would have to pay for that Green Energy, but that same body of water, farther out to sea, is now going to be opened up for other even larger industrial grade wind turbines.

Framingham's request for a new Fuller is denied

Disappointing news from the State Board that hands out money for new school buildings. The funding request or grant proposal was rejected by the State, but the agency does not have to say why.  I'm sure most of you would like to know why and I have asked Chris Walsh to look into it. I suspect a Freedom of Information request will be forthcoming if he can't get an answer.

If, our grant application was written poorly, we should know and so should the school administration.
I'm not sure how long Fuller can be safely used. Yesterday, 3 classrooms were flooded and steam was poring out of a closet. Along with the mold that has been seen in the past, one might think, the health and safety of the kids and teachers is being ignored.