Sunday, January 18, 2015

Chick-fil-A ..... Ending Civil Forfiture ...The U.S. SC on same sex marriage

Some of you may remember the controversy around the attempts by the late Mayor Menino to stop a Chick-fil-A restaurant from opening in Boston over the company's stance against same sex marriage. The gay and lesbian community demonstrated outside some of the restaurants, more in the south and made their point. We now have 4 of these restraunts in our state and they seem to be doing well, as they are locally owned and operated and employ up to 80 MA residents.

Now comes their attempt at opening at Shoppers World. The Planning Board will review the project on Thursday and one would hope, the applicant would not be slowed down by the politics of the conservatives on the board. Once approved by the PB, the company will face the extremely out of touch BOS. Since we have already seen on TV last week, the BOS did not allow the Conigliaro CEO from expanding his recycle business by 1200 sf over what BOS  said were the federal indictments of employe's at NECC. Entrusting this Town's moral compass to our BOS after their response, or lack thereof, to the unlawful killing of Mr. Stamps and the blocking of a medical marijuana facility is just more hypocrisy.

If you had asked me if civil forfeiture would go away in the Drug War, I'd say, never. Since it's inception decades ago now, our tough on drugs attitude from our elected officials created a system where by the assets of anyone charged with a crime can be confiscated. At any given moment, the Government has around 2 billion is assets waiting to be auctioned off. Thanks to Eric Holder who announced last week limits of civil forfeiture without due process, something I and others have railed on for years, now seems to be coming true. Don't look for the Feds and State stopping the procedure altogether, but now, owners of assets have a chance in court. MWDN did a great service to it's readers with:

By June of this year, the  U.S. Supreme Court will once and for all, rule on same sex marriages. I guess it was inevitable with the attitude of some elected officials to play God with the unalienable rights of human beings. I believe, as others do, the U.S. Supreme Court will rule in favor in a unanimous decision.