Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Beacon Hill tries to delay Q4

Earlier today it was reported that Beacon Hill, specifically Senator Lewis pushed through a bill that would delay implementation of Q4 by 6 months. It makes no sense to do this, especially since there were just a hand full of Reps and Senators on the Hill. Senator Lewis clearly is a sore looser and will try anything he can to slow down the implementation of Q4.

And by the afternoon, this happened.

Senator Lewis rushed the bill to the Governors office and they now say, Governor Baker will review it. If he wants to continue to be the most popular Governor if decades, he should veto the bill. If he wants to stand up for the will of the voter, he will veto it.

Please send a note to Governor Baker asking him to veto Lewis's Bill and stand up for the will of the voters.

here's another address to send to:

And it won't hurt to ask your reps if they voted for it as well. To my delight Chris Walsh and Karen Spilka did not vote for it.

The MWDN did an excellent editorial regarding this.