Sunday, May 14, 2017

What was Stefanini thinking?

I am very surprised to read in the paper about John's actions at the Library. Caught on film destroying Mayoral candidate material left on a table in the lobby. Norma Shulman should have know not to leave that stuff there... BUT.. it's a crime to mess with a ballot and he knows that. 
The other side of this unfortunate move on John's part is that the Democratic Town Wide Committee is now firmly split by John running and the group who is helping get Spicer on the ballot. Long time loyalties are being tested. For the most part, every since Pam Richardson was forced out, the DTC has picked one candidate to back.
Without any more ballot violations, this could spell Spicer's victory over John in November. As many old timers know, John's connection to disgraced House Speaker Tom Finneran, will haunt him forever.