Friday, November 10, 2017

FFD in the news again

According to the MWDN, one of our own robbed a bank, admitted it and said he spent the money already. He got 1K.. he makes nearly 70K? Can you imagine the overtime his absence will be? He's on administrative leave. Now that we know Cannon was endorsed by FFD, one has to wonder if he (Cannon) will support a complete top to bottom review of FFD.  My bet is he will get lots of money, even though he goes to jail. I'm sorry to hear he's a Veteran with more than a few rifles, and other guns in his home. Funny how the Metro West Drug Force, all 5 of them, arrested him. If that had been a black man.. he may have been killed. Lets see what the Mayor does with this pattern of bad emplyoee's in our Public Safety departments that bring shame to our Town.